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Wanting to book a Holiday Property?     Some of your Questions might be answered here

Why are there a limited number of Properties advertised?
This is a very new website and it will take time to build up a good selection of Properties. We hope that we will soon have many different types of Properties in many different Countries which will make it an attractive place for you to look for good quality and good value properties to rent for your holidays.

How do I book a Property ?
Simply contact the Owner direct. At the bottom of each Property's details you will find the Owner's contact details. Usually email will be the best contact method but if a phone number is provided you might get a quicker response by calling.

How do I check Availability ?
At the moment you will have to contact the Owner but we will be introducing Availability Calendars for each Property to make it more efficient and save unnecessary enquiries.

What if I am not a Rotarian?
This site is only promoted to Rotarians but maybe you have found it via contact with Rotarians through your family, friends or business colleagues. You should explain that to the Property Owner and as always, they have the right to accept any bookings that they choose to.

I'm a Rotarian and own a Property, can I advertise it on your site?
Yes, you can find full details in our Owners Section

Do you verify that all the Property Details are correct ?
No, it would be impossible to do that. We accept advertisments in good faith and will correct any inaccuracies that are brought to our attention. You should ask the Owners directly for more details if required.

I have another Question
Please email us - info@R-O-D.org


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