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How will it work?

This website is being run by a Rotarian to help Rotarians who would like to rent out their holiday properties to other Rotarians.
There are no commissions to pay to agents. The enquiries will come directly to you. You can give as many contact details on the site as you wish, just an email address, your own website or your name, address and phone numbers. The choice is entirely yours.
As a Rotarian the reduced cost will be only £50 UK Pounds (or equivalent in other currencies) per year for each property. There will be no set up charges. This cost is similar to one advertisment in a magazine but here you will get a full page description of your property and all it has to offer, plus up to 10 photographs, and it will be on show for a whole year. An availability calendar will be introduced as soon as possible. The descriptions and photos can be changed at any time free of charge, you set your own prices and can accept or reject any enquiries. You are always in control. The site will only be promoted to other Rotarians. They contact you - direct.

  • Enquiries come direct to you, no agents fees to pay.
  • Reduced rate of only £50 UK Pounds (or equivalent in other currencies) per year, no set up costs.
  • One month Free Trial ensures you are satisfied before payment..
  • Full page Advertisment plus10 Photographs included
  • Description, prices etc and photos can be changed at any time free of charge
  • The site will only be promoted to other Rotarians for them to contact you - direct
  • 10% of our Revenue is donated to The Rotary Foundation
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What happens next?

Once we receive your Registration Form we will contact you by email with your Property's unique "ROD Reference Number" and details of our Free Trial and how to proceed. We will then show you how you can Subscribe for the Trial, complete the Property Details Form and supply the Photographs.
When we have your Property advertisement set up we will ask you to check it. That's the first time you'll see it online. You can then ask us to make any corrections and changes until you are happy that everything is correct.
You can then just sit back and deal with the booking enquiries as you receive them.

Other questions answered


Why are there only a limited number of Properties advertised?
This is a very new website and it will take time to build up a good selection of Properties. We hope that we will soon have many different types of Properties in many different Countries which will make it an attractive place for Rotarians to look for good quality and good value properties to rent for their holidays. Please don't wait though, we will be promoting the site anyway so if there are few properties, yours should stand out even more. Also there are advantages in being in early - see below.

When will my Property appear live?
As soon as possible is the answer but we will aim to have it online within a week of receiving the details and photographs. Of course the clearer the information you supply, the easier and therefore quicker it will be. You can then email us changes whenever you need to and we would expect to implement those within 48 hours.

What is the ROD Number?
Just a Reference Number allocated to each Property. Please quote your ROD Number in all communications with us.

How much will it cost me?
The cost is £50 UK Pounds (or equivalent in other currencies) a year which is much cheaper than bigger commercial sites and compares favourably with magazine advertising when you consider that you will have a full page advert, 10 photographs and be able to update your advert whenever necessary. The Free One Month Trial means that you will see your Property displayed live online and be able to make corrections and changes before you have to pay anything. If you are not happy you can simply cancel the Subscription before the end of the months trial and we will delete your advert.

Why do I have to Subscribe?
To be able to do this for only £50 a year we are having to keep the administration to the bare minimum. A Subscription is by far the most cost effective way for us to do this but you still remain in full control and can cancel it whenever you want to. We are using PayPal because we trust them to administer the Subscriptions effectively and securely and we will never have knowledge of your credit card or bank details. Also it is easy to pay them in your own currency wherever you are. Let us know if you have a problem with this and we will make another arrangement.

Can I only rent to Rotarians?
We will only promote the site to Rotarians but we cannot control who will contact you to enquire about renting your property. You can choose to rent or not rent to whoever you wish. We will not be involved in the booking process as the enquiries will come to you - Direct.

Can my Property appear at the top of the list?
The Properties will be shown on the "All Properties Page" and "Results of Search Page" in ROD Number order. ROD Numbers will be allocated in the order we receive Registrations so the earlier you register, the higher up the Page you will appear. So, if someone is looking for a Property to rent in Florida, and they do a Search on Country USA, State/Area Florida, they will get a list of all the Properties we have in Florida, displayed in the order they were Registered. The earliest one Registered will be at the top of the list. Eventually, if the number of Properties were to grow significantly, we would have to introduce a rotating system to be fair, but in the foreseeable future it will definitely be an advantage to have Registered early.

Why is there no Availability Calendar?
We intend to add on an Availability Calendar system for each Property as soon as possible. This will be updated by each individual owner through a Log In and Password screen. There will be no extra charge for this.

Can I have a link to my own Web Site?
Yes, no problem. It can be in the Contact Details shown at the bottom of your page. Of course if bookings via another website involve you paying any commission you may choose not to show a link and have the enquiries come you - Direct! Your choice.

Can I advertise to rent my timeshare weeks?
Yes, you just need to make it clear which weeks you want to rent.

Where will the site be advertised?
We will be advertising the site as widely as possible in Rotary Magazines, Rotary Forums and through individual Rotary Clubs and Districts.

I am an Agent, can I advertise with you?
No, this is for individual Rotarian Owners to advertise and be contacted - Direct

I am not a Rotarian, can I advertise with you?
This website is set up specifically to put Rotarians in touch with each other so you or a member of your family must be a Rotarian or have an association with Rotary.

I have another Question
Please email us - info@R-O-D.org